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Artopia is a creative art space dedicated to promoting exchange and collaboration of contemporary art between Asia and Europe. We encourage artworks that examine and contribute to the forging of a deeper understanding of critical phenomena and thoughts in art and society. We aim to actively enhance mutual appreciation of different cultures and values in a global context, and facilitate endeavors to build a shared culture.

Artopia provides young artists with opportunities to develop and realize their inspirations, and platforms to showcase their works to a wide range of audiences. Artopia also holds exhibitions of established artists, with the attempt to close the gap between art and the public. Various art formats are considered, including but not exclusive to oil painting, brush painting, installation, visual art, performance art and multimedia. In addition to exhibitions and performances,

Artopia runs an international art residency program. We contribute to fundamental art education and development through multiple methods, including sponsored exhibitions, academic lectures and seminars, classes for teenagers and adults, studio trips, and so forth. We have close partnership with leading international art institutions, including museums, art fairs, galleries, academic structures, and governmental bodies.

Artopia 是一间致力于推动亚洲与欧洲当代艺术交流与合作的创意艺术空间。我们鼓励研究并加深对艺术与社会上的重要现象与思潮的理解的艺术作品。我们的目标是在全球背景下积极推动不同文化和观念之间的相互欣赏,并促进构建共同未来的努力。

Artopia 为年轻艺术家提供发展和实现他们的创意的机会,以及向广大观众展示他们作品的平台。艺术公社同时举办知名艺术家的展览,以拉近艺术与公众之间的距离。我们考虑多种艺术形式,包括但不限于油画、水墨画、装置、视觉艺术、表演艺术和多媒体等。

在展览和表演之外,Artopia 还运营一个国际艺术驻留项目。我们通过多种方式(如展览、学术讲座和研讨会、面向青少年和成人的课程、工作室导览等)为基础艺术教育和发展做出贡献。我们与领先的国际艺术机构,包括美术馆、博览会、画廊、学术机构、政府团体等有良好的合作关系。

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Utopia and Beyond @ Castello di Rivara

Castello Di Rivara Contemporary Art Centre (Turin, Italy) holds a group exhibition Utopia and Beyond curated by Shi Jian. This exhibition invites…

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